"Each moment that you are happy
is a gift to the rest of the world"
(Harry Palmer, Avatar®)
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What a wonderful time I have had as a Life-Cycle Celebrant so far! I have performed a North Coast beach wedding for a French-Canadian and German couple. I have written a Baby Welcoming for a Moslem-Irish infant I never met as the family lived in the far south of Ireland and chose a trusted friend to officiate. I have been moved to tears at the simple home funeral of a local grandmother. I have written a wedding ceremony in which the couple married themselves without a celebrant ’performing’ – this was for my own daughter and son-in-law. Each ceremony is a new challenge and a new adventure. Each ceremony enriches me as much as it will you.

In the ceremony process you will put your trust in me as you share your story. So I will share a little of me with you here. I am a family person, with one husband, six children and one delightful grandchild (so far). I value the experience and skills that I have gained in my years as a parent and carer, and as an active member of local charities and community groups.

I love books, poetry and writing. In my early days I followed my passion and took a degree in English Literature and Language from Queen’s University, Northern Ireland, and then I qualified as a teacher. I love to learn, especially about humanity, and have taken many additional courses which I feel enable me now to sensitively identify with your needs and your dreams. I am also a licensed and experienced Master of Avatar®, a personal development course that fosters compassion, peace, and deep connection through unique consciousness training tools. I bring to my work a deep respect for all cultural and religious traditions, and a reverence for the great mystery of life.

With the Celebrant Foundation and Institute (see Useful links) I trained in all the specific categories: Fundamentals of Ceremony, Weddings, Families and Children, and Funeral Ceremonies. This has equipped me to cover the entire range of ceremonies in both writing and performance. My training was an amazing adventure, densely packed with new knowledge and profound thinking. I made many wonderful professional friends, and I was delighted to find that my skills in this new art gained top-level marks.

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