"It takes a whole village to raise a child"
(Traditional African)
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Baby Namings / Welcomings
A new arrival in a family is a great cause for celebration. Whether it is a new baby born to you, or the arrival of an adopted or step child, you can welcome them with a suitable ceremony of love and appreciation.

Coming of Age
Modern children navigate their way through the great transition to adulthood almost rudderless. With a Coming-of-Age ceremony, wisdom can be passed down the generations, and a young person can gain the confidence they need to face the adult world. With a Life-Cycle Celebrant the young person is involved in every step of the design process, giving them responsibility over their own ceremony.

Milestone Birthdays
’The Big 0s’ as we call them are a time to throw a big family party and have fun together. But they are also a time when we want to let the person know that they mean a lot to us, particularly as they age, become grandparents, retire, pass the milestones of life. A ceremony to honour your important person/people and to say the things you want to say brings dignity, love and gratitude to your celebration in a special way. It can also be a lot of fun too, if you decide to design it that way.

Mother Blessing
More than a baby shower, family and friends can gather in a ceremonial celebration of womanhood to honour and support a mother-to-be. This is an old cultural ritual which is today called Mother Blessing. The ceremony is planned in collaboration with the mother and those who support her on this journey into a very important and wondrous new phase in her life.

Home Blessing, or Dedication
Our homes are a sacred space where we share our daily joys and struggles with those we love. A Home Blessing or Dedication uses the symbols and language of your own beliefs to proclaim your home special to you, and to celebrate your whole family.

Celebrating Life and Nature
Ritual can enhance our daily lives with rest, retreat and renewal. The traditional rituals with which we have always marked the changing seasons also strengthen our families and communities and restore our connection with the natural order. They are in great need of revival.
Learning the art of ceremony is learning to celebrate life. Ceremony workshops are available; see "There's more..."

Family life has many transitions, and they often feel challenging, but also can open the way for new life. A ceremony is like a guide to help you cross a threshold and point the way ahead. See Healing and Transition.