"To every thing there is a season, and
a time to every purpose under heaven"
(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)
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Funeral and Interment
If you are reading this page it may be that someone close to you has just died. You are possibly at a loss what to do, and yet you feel a need to say goodbye in a way that is true to you. I can be with you and your family in person within a few hours, and together we can gather your memories into a story that will celebrate the unique life of your loved one. I will create a ceremony suitable for the home or funeral parlour, the cemetery or crematorium, or for scattering the ashes: whatever you require. This ceremony will allow space for you to mourn with dignity, reflect the personal beliefs of the departed, handle any painful issues with respect and sensitivity, and affirm this life lived as a treasure that will never be lost.

Memorial Ceremony
For some people, grief, and the funeral ceremony, is a very private affair. There may however be a decision to hold a public memorial a month or so later to honour the public face of the person who has passed away. Such a ceremony allows more celebration of a person’s life when the first shock and pain of grief have eased.
For some people the pain of grief can last a long time. Perhaps at the time of your loss there was no adequate ritual available to you, and your grief and pain still feel incomplete. No matter how long ago your loss occurred, a memorial ceremony, fully acknowledging your loss and meeting your particular needs, can assist you in finding peace and closure.

Preparing for the End of Life
If you are reading this page it may because you are coming face to face with your own mortality. How do you deal with this challenge? I would advise not to deny the painful realities of life and death, but also to celebrate the gifts of the life you have known with deep gratitude. At your request I will create a ceremony to support you as you see fit, and to help you move forward into the future with those gifts, affirming that every day of life is precious. See also: Healing and Transition

Pre-planned Funerals
You don’t have to be elderly or dying to start pre-planning your own funeral. What would you like the last words on your own life to say? What songs or readings would you choose, what parts of your life would you want publicly remembered, what last message would you like to leave? Planning your own funeral ceremony is best done with the help of a ceremony professional like myself who liaises with the local funeral directors to ensure a first-class service for you.
Please note that making your Will or a ’Living Will’ are both legal matters and require a solicitor.