"Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt
the universe is unfolding as it should"
(Max Ehrmann)
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A Transition ceremony is a process of empowerment that can help you to come through a time of transition a wiser and stronger person with a renewed commitment to life.

Wisdom Legacy
As we age and become aware of our own mortality our priorities change. This awareness has now entered popular culture in the concept of ‘The Bucket List’. It is an ancient practice, performed solo or in community, today with the help of a trusted person such as pastor, counsellor, or with a Life-Cycle Celebrant. It is a time to document all the things you deem to have been important in your life thus far, and the wisdom you have collected that you wish to pass on. Most importantly it is an opportunity to review your life, to complete any unfinished business, or to do something you have always wanted to do. This is a gift to yourself and to your successors. A solo or group ceremony to accompany the Wisdom Legacy is optional but can be very empowering.

For those who have gone or are going through serious illness, who have suffered trauma, or who have been injured, there is a difficult emotional journey. A personal ceremony can help you take control of this journey and find new zest for your life. A ceremony can be a way to experience the healing power of your family and friends gathered to support you. It can be a way to announce to the world your commitment to and belief in your recovery. Interested support groups and charities should see "There’s More".

Divorce can be almost as traumatic as the death of a partner. It is a huge loss, and the effects are felt throughout the family. Without help in the process of dealing with this loss of hope, of faith, of self confidence, many divorcees go on to fail in another marriage. A dignified ceremony can help to bring closure to the past with less bitterness, reduce the fallout damage, and allow a fresh start.

Job loss is just one example of difficult life events that are much harder to journey through or turn around when you walk alone. You can enable your family and friends to give you their heartfelt support by having a ceremony, large or small. Through the process of ceremony you also can renew your commitment to life and may feel empowered to find life-affirming solutions to your challenges.

Pet loss is often more painful than we expect and the world seldom makes space for our real grief. Without the comfort of ritual at the burial of an animal friend our sorrow can be hard to work through. If you (and your family) have lost an animal companion and it seems right and fitting to you to honour the passing of their life, then I am happy to provide a memorial ceremony for you.