"And people will smile without reason
Even in winter, even in the rain"
Daydream, ASJ Tessimond
Love and

and children

and transition


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Ceremony and ritual can be personal or communal. Groups taking part in ceremonies of their own making find new bonds with each other and new purpose for the group. A ceremony is a great tool for fostering mutual support in those facing similar challenges, for revitalizing workers who have a shared vision, for establishing and maintaining bonds between disparate peoples, for generating group creativity and increasing success. It is valuable to business, professional, family and community life.

Learning the art of ceremony is learning to celebrate life. I promote the understanding and use of ceremony for life enhancement through facilitating group ceremonies, themed workshops on rediscovering ceremony, and a consultancy service for those trying to bring ceremony to community, business or personal life.

In some instances it may be appropriate to make use of my writing service. If you are at too great a distance it may not be feasible for me to officiate personally at your ceremony. It may be that you would like to enhance a religious ceremony with personal elements, memories or stories, or you may wish to mark an important family celebration with just a touch of something meaningful and special. I accept requests to write complete ceremonies, or separate vows, love stories, declarations of love, eulogies, success stories and family stories that reflect the uniqueness of you and ’yours’.