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"We'd both like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for a wonderful ceremony, all of our guests without exception found it incredibly moving, personal and particularly commented on the sand ceremony. Our ceremony and entire day exceeded our expectations beyond what we ever imagined and we're still enjoying the memories along with the praise and enthusiastic compliments from everyone present."

"Thank you again for your lovely words. You have a great gift and it is wonderful that you choose to share it with those in need of expression."

"It was our words, put all together beautifully, our love story told in a manner that warmed our hearts. It was really special and so wonderful. We got only amazing and positive comments on the ceremony how it was something they had never seen, something so true to us and simple and how it had all moved them so much..."

"The creating process of our ceremony with Shevaun was definitely our favourite pre-ceremony moments. To craft a ceremony made for us, by us and put into words our love, the untold story with her guidance & advice was something very special. The ceremony itself was splendid and felt like the summum of our day, the epitome of what it was all about. Although cold and windy, it is not what we and our guests remember - we remember being barefoot in the sand, feeling warmed by love and celebrating us as individuals, as a couple, as a family. We received only positive reviews about the ceremony, about how it was something so fresh, heartfelt and so true to us, something they had never seen and how they felt lucky to have witnessed such an event."

"Our baby-naming ceremony was the perfect way to welcome our new son to the family and prepare us for our new life as parents. Everyone was very moved and all those present now feel connected to our little one in a special way."

"Thank you for your very professional, yet warm, sensitive and supportive way, in which you assisted in putting together and carrying out the memorial. It was moving and poignant and ****** would have absolutely loved it. I like to think he was able to ’look in’! I have had several people tell me since that they were very moved by it."

"Thank you so much for everything you did for me and the family. You made a very hard difficult time joyful and really captured how my husband was ’the best’. "